The project has been focusing on creating a sustainable intermediate public transport (IPT) model in the city and has entered into a partnership with the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) to launch a pilot electric auto feeder system. The electric feeder service is meant to herald the future of electric mobility in the IPT space and make people look at the auto rickshaw sector in a new light.

The project has been working to push for easier and better norms in the intermediate transport sector and the launch of the electric feeder is meant to provide a clean alternative to the residents of Chennai for first and last mile connectivity. The project is also in the process of creating a Sustainability guideline for companies in the IPT sector through various consultations/roundtables that have been organized in various cities across the country including Chennai.<>

35000 Auto Drivers Reached

1292 members in the driver cooperative

7100 drivers trained under the code of conduct

1078 Loans drivers shifted to less polluting Autos

5499 Enrolled to Government Insurance Schemes


Fondazione ACRA

ENVIU Foundation

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Women Health and Development (WHAD)