The Namma Auto project in Bangalore is involved in providing access to green auto rickshaws for drivers but is addressing the most vulnerable among the 2 stroke owners who have either not been able to mobilize resources to make the shift or are not creditworthy. The project focuses on building a sustainable means of living for the rickshaw drivers and their families by helping them secure auto-rickshaws at a better interest rate as well as providing regular training sessions on safety, customer service and a means to a sustainable living.

The work being done in Bangalore is focused in the areasof :

  • Capacity building
  • Facilitating loans
  • Organising drivers into a federative structure
  • Identifying policy gaps and promoting discussions

It is essential that the auto-rickshaw becomes environmentally, economically, financially and socially efficient for passengers and operators. The project has reached out to over 30,000 auto drivers and helped in processing low-interest loans to buy new eco-friendly auto-rickshaws.

From a baseline of less than 1% drivers having any insurance coverage, project has already enrolled over 1100 drivers in to insurance schemes.It is in the process of registering a co-operative society with over 1520 drivers and their family members as share-holders with an aim to take it to 2500 by end of the year.

35000 Auto Drivers Reached

1292 members in the driver cooperative

7100 drivers trained under the code of conduct

1078 Loans drivers shifted to less polluting Autos

5499 Enrolled to Government Insurance Schemes


Fondazione ACRA

ENVIU Foundation

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Women Health and Development (WHAD)